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Los Angeles HomeSelling your home marks a transition in your life that’s often exciting and filled with new opportunities. However, selling your house can be a time-consuming, often stressful responsibility, especially in Los Angeles County. John Lee Realty has the professional experience and local knowledge to help make the home selling process a simple one.

Home Sellers Guide

1. Hire an agent
Hiring a seller’s agent will ensure you’re backed with the knowledge of a local real estate expert, who understands local market trends. Making informed decisions based on the current housing market and relevant comps will help you strategically list your home for the apportioned price. John Lee has the local knowledge and real estate experience to help you make those informed decisions. 

2. Set a timeline 
People sell their homes for multiple reasons. It may be time to upgrade to a home with larger bedrooms in anticipation of welcoming your new family member, or it may be time to downgrade as the kids move out. Finances and location are also key factors in people deciding to sell. Regardless of the reason, having a clear course of action and timeline on when you need to sell will in turn allow ample time for all responsibilities to be taken care of in time.

3. Do Your Homework
There are many tasks that need to be completed when selling your home. Having a seller’s agent like John Lee by your side will alleviate some of the stress that comes with these tasks. There are various legal implications that must be considered when selling your home in Los Angeles County. Furthermore, a pre-sale home inspection is crucial in determining what your home’s value will be. John Lee will be by your side throughout the entire process to ensure you’re comfortable every step of the way.

4. Stage Your Home Strategically
Staging your home can be the deciding factor in getting potential buyers in the front door. Make sure you stage your home to highlight its best features, where potential buyers see the property and it feels like home. Be sure not to overextend and spend too much on staging- it can get expensive. Find a balance between cost and value, where the staging is cost-effective while showing the true value of your home. Lastly, be sure to capture the staged property with professional photos to truly showcase your home.

5. Hit The Market & Negotiate
Now’s the time to list your home on the market, and attract potential buyers. With your home staged to sell fast, be sure to list your home at a reasonable price that is competitive with the local market. Listing too high may result in your home sitting on the market for too long, and selling too low eats away at the money going into your pocket. There are also seller closing costs as well as tax implications that need to be considered when determining a listing price. As buyers submit formal offers, leverage your seller’s agent to negotiate the offers and maximize profit. Professional seller’s agents like John Lee Realty will get the highest possible price for your home without losing the buyer’s interest

Pro Tip: Be sure to use John Lee Realty's Home Value Estimator to determine what your home is worth! This free tool will help you price your home at an appropriate price.

7. Closing Time
By this time, you’ve consulted with your seller’s agent and have decided to accept a formal offer on your home. You have already anticipated seller closing costs and other implications, so there will be no surprises at this time. You’re left with gathering and signing all necessary paperwork to close. Be sure all personal belongings are removed from the property and that the house is in the same condition as it was when you initially presented it to the buyer. After that, it’s turning over the keys, and welcoming in the new and exciting opportunities that await you in life!

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